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Situated at the northern end of Boroondara, Balwyn is one of Boroondara’s most popular neighbourhood centres and will soon have a population of 20,000. tram in Balywn - Christopher Russell Real Estate Located along Whitehorse Road, traversing both sides of the intersection with Balwyn Road, it has an immensely long strip shopping centre which is a focus of daily life, a place where the community comes together to dine and enjoy recreational facilities. The south west part of the suburb is known as Deepdene.

It got its name from Andrew Murray who worked for the old Argus newspaper. He bought a farm in the late 1850s and named it ‘Balwyn’ from the Gaelic Bal and the Saxon ‘Wyn’ meaning ‘Home of the vine’! First to grow vines there, he made wine and won prizes at the Geelong National Show of 1866 for both his white and red wines.

The post World War II boom saw rapid development as a mixture of families took up residence along the tram lines of this ‘outer suburb’. Teachers and professionals chose the wooded northern slopes. In 1901 the famous Maranoa native garden was developed next to Beckett Park and is renowned for its native specious of wildlife.

Beckett park in Balywn - Christopher Russell Real EstateThe suburb has been immortalised by the Skyhooks single 'Balwyn Calling' -named after the suburb which also has an Australian Rules football team - The Balwyn Tigers - competing in the Eastern Football League. Other sports in the area are Balwyn Bowls Club, Rotary Club and Judo Club – something for all ages. To achieve economic, social and environmental objectives the Boroondara Council has a structure plan to guide major changes in any land use, building and public spaces.

Many fine schools are easily accessed from the main thoroughfare, as are libraries, medical facilities, recreational, sporting and entertainment venues. They provide vibrant lifestyle for those who reside in the area.

It is a beautiful place to spend time with family & friends.
Christopher Russell Real Estate agents with current properties in Balwyn are Angela Plesnicar, Choon Chieh, Chris Ewart, Guy Besley, Russell Turner.

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